Kona Systems is a Massachusetts corporation that was founded in 1988. Our mission is to be the sales representatives for software and services companies selling large ticket solutions. We do not pursue opportunities unless they can yield a minimum of $1,000,000 in revenue to our client. We are compensated on a commission only basis thereby tying our success to that of the companies that we represent.. We have had significant success over the past 12 years and the latest company that we represented, Data Dimensions, (a Y2K services company) we grew the Northeast territory from no business in 1994 to over $22,000,000 in 2000.We are currently representing 4 firms.

Cardinal Software is a small software company offering IMS and IDMS data base access directly from internet devices.
Newport Consulting is a privately held Massachusetts corporation specializing in corporate information security for medium and large corporations.
Baydon Solutions is a leading content management delivery company.
Cue Metamon has developed a software toolset that is the ONLY debugging tool that can be used in a production environment. It has also been proven invaluable to the QA departments of MVS based IT shops.

We have always succeeded in selling new accounts and then growing that relationship. However, we are not a reseller. Any contractual agreement would be directly between the client and the company we represent.

Some of our customers include Aetna, John Hancock, Mass Mutual, CIGNA, Hartford Steam Boiler, Allendale Insurance, Factory Mutual Insurance, Safety insurance, Allmerica Financial, Fidelity Investments, United Asset Management, Berkshire Life, BankBoston, Fleet Bank, Summit Bank, Bayer Pharmaceutical, Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck, CSX, Sun Life Insurance, Newport News Shipbuilding, Bracco and Covance. The dot-coms are TS Central.com, and Eclaro.com.

A bit about who we represent follows

cardinal Cardinal Software is the developer of the APX product suite currently in use at fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and Canada. They are dedicated to support and enhance these products both on the traditional MVS platform as well as on several non-MVS platforms such as NT and Unix. Their goal is to help customers build robust, enterprise-wide distributed applications. Their software shows remarkable performance enhancements when connecting web based applications to legacy DBMSs such as IMS or IDMS.
Newport Consulting is a boutique consulting firm specializing in information security. The company has developed a series of service offerings ranging from initial assessments, establishment of a seurity office, policy development, employee training and awareness, tools selection, and implementation of a comprehensive suite of security practices. The company is headquartered in Rhode Island and has clients primarily in the East Coast and the Pacific Northwest.
Baydon Solutions is a world leader in providing Knowledge Delivery and Integrated Performance Support Solutions (IPSS). Baydon Solutions has developed a unique approach to help train and support your most valuable asset - your employees.

Baydon saves clients millions each year by reducing the cost of traditional employee job task and procedure training. Combining their unique Assistware technology with their consulting services allows them to build 'moment of need' Knowledge Delivery solutions that are more effective and cost less than traditional methods.

Baydon believes that the key to performance is delivering just the right knowledge, to the right person, at just the right time. They offer e-learning, knolwedge delivery and performance support toolsets to address their customer's individual.

METAMON is a comprehensive software toolset for; development, analysis, testing, auditing and problem solving designed for Programmers, Auditors, Analysts and Testing Engineers. METAMON can be invoked through simple JCL changes or via interactive TSO/ISPF panels. METAMON is the only toolset available that combines a highly intuitive interface, extensive diagnostic and analysis capabilities and ability to be used immediately without extensive training. These benefits are without the training costs and system overheads traditionally associated with diagnostic software. In addition, since METAMON supports unlimited concurrent users and requires no dedicated initiators, your entire staff can benefit from this unique software package.

METAMON shows everything a program does, without interfering with the program's normal operation. Can be used on the most complex programs, including multi-million line 'legacy' applications and third party software packages. No need to alter test data, extract test files, or modify job stream (JCL) procedures. Sophisticated conditional analysis capabilities allow users to analyze complex logic conditions and data anomalies.

Incorporating METAMON into your testing procedures means that a program change is released into production with every affected line of code being tested.